Steven Universe

Through my past couple of sick days I’ve been using the time at home laying on my couch to blast through Steven Universe, a show breathlessly acclaimed by all of my friends. I had been enjoying all the fanart but hadn’t watched much of the show myself, until now.

I’ll admit, Steven Universe didn’t grab me at first. I had seen the pilot last year when it went up online and found the concept interesting but irritating at the same time. As I got further into the show itself I saw more details on the Crystal Gems’ relationship to their youngest, half-human member Steven and I became endeared to all of them.

Steven Universe doesn’t balk from delving into themes of non-traditional family units and even consent. All the characters are their own flawed beings, with three non-human Gems trying their best to act as mothers for the half-human child their beloved colleague left behind. Steven is just a kid and watching him learn how to negotiate with parental units who don’t always know what best to do is fascinating. They all learn and grow from each other.

I also really enjoy all the anime references and throwbacks, with plenty of allusions to Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, Ghibli, etc. You can even spot little references in the backgrounds, like Steven’s Gitaroo Man and Cloud Strife figurines.

You can now watch the first half of Steven Universe streaming on Hulu, and the rest is up on Amazon Instant.