New job

It’s already been two weeks and I’m feeling settled into my new habits in Brooklyn—so that means I’m feeling up for blogging again!

Two otome games have been released in English since I last wrote and I’m enjoying my time playing through Code: Realize on my Vita, with Norn9 to eventually follow. In-between that I’m developing an addiction to Nintendo’s newly released Yo-Kai Watch, which is basically a Pokemon-like developed by LEVEL–5. I wrote about their prior release Fantasy Life here, which Yo-Kai Watch feels very similar to.

And if you’re curious about what I’m now doing in New York you can play the game I’m currently working on, Two Dots. It’s a really charming puzzler for mobile and the team I’m with is extremely talented! I also now work dangerously close to Kinokuniya, Book-Off, and the Nintendo Store in downtown Manhattan….