Games — JRPGJuly — Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

Every month my friend Anne names a genre theme and encourages people to pick up and play a game within it, sharing your experiences with everyone! A community game-along, if you will. It’s a whole lot of fun when I can actually participate. Luckily the game jam I was organizing just finished and I had some bandwidth to get lost in something else.

This month’s theme is JRPGs! A genre near and dear to my heart. For my choice I decided to give Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne another go. I’ve owned a copy on PS2 for years now but had only put a few hours into it, though I liked what I saw. Considering the game is on sale for a mere $5 on PSN at the moment I opted to download it to my PS3 and start over.

Unlike Persona games, the Shin Megami Tensei series doesn’t have a social sim and romantic encounters, instead delving into the esoteric and encouraging more direct relations with the demonic. Nocturne in particular has a very cinematic feel to it, with its quick camera cuts and Lynchian set-pieces. Though you do have to endure a bit of old school grind in order to progress to the juicy bits. I’m really enjoying my time with the game and it’s quickly climbing up to one of my favorites. Also it’s really nice seeing how many of my friends on Twitter are so excited I’m playing it. Nocturne is indeed a cult classic.

There’s still time! You should pick out a game and start sharing your play experiences on the #JRPGJuly hashtag! It’s quite lively and fun! And maybe you’ll get exposed to a game you never considered interesting before.