Anime — Love Live! movie in US theaters

I typically only get out to see anime movies in the theater when a new Ghibli film is released or back when Satoshi Kon’s works were being distributed (seeing Millennium Actress in Kendall Square near MIT years ago was amazing).

So when my new obsession Love Live! had a movie announced and a tentative domestic released slated I thought I was going to have to travel all the way from Boston to New York City in order to experience it with other excited friends, but that does not seem to be the case! It’ll be playing in convenient (for me) Harvard Square for one night in September! Awesome! Thank you, historic Brattle Theatre, where I have only gone before to see Indie Game: The Movie, Hausu, Trash Nights, and a wedding.

There’s quite a few other screenings in major metropolitan areas. You should check the full list out!

And maybe catch up on the anime before going to see it, since technically it’s a sequel.