Games — Fire Emblem Fates — First Comes Love

Lots of rumors and incomplete information have been floating around in regards to the new Fire Emblem game’s marriage system, with the inclusion of the mysterious new same-sex A+ social ranks but the unexplained inability for the main character to partake in those. Polygon confirmed in a statement directly from Nintendo that Fire Emblem Fates will have some same-sex S-rank marriage options, but it’s still a bit confusing. But yay, progress!

Apparently in the Nohr version of the game, Conquest, there will be a single male character that the player-created protagonist can marry regardless of their gender. In the Hoshido version of the game, Birthright, there will be a single female character that can be married regardless of the main character’s gender. These characters can also be accessed from the other versions of the game through a DLC that will bridge the two storylines. I’ve seen mention of who those two characters are but nothing definitive yet.

This seems like a pittance, but it’s actually a really huge step for very traditionally conservative Nintendo! They appear to be trying to listen, and hopefully they’ll keep up with the improvements. BioWare initially started out slowly with single character representation too, and a decade later they’ve built themselves up to stating and demonstrating that diversity is an important aspect of their games.

Now to hold out hope for Atlus with Persona 5