Games — Norn9: Var Commons coming in English!

Blessed be otome fans in the year 2015.

After announcing Code: Realize a couple of weeks ago, Aksys just posted that they’ll also be bringing over Norn9 to the Vita. Norn9 is an interesting game because you can choose to play as one of three fully-voiced heroines, each with three different guys to choose stories with (so nine male leads total).

The art for the game looks very nice and from what I’ve heard of the music so far I’m very impressed!


Koharu – voiced by Ayumi Fujimura

Koharu’s routes:
Kakeru Yuiga – voiced by

Yūki Kaji
Senri Ichinose – voiced by

Hiro Shimono
Masamune Tōya – voiced by

Takuya Satō


Mikoto Kuga – voiced by Ayahi Takagaki

Mikoto’s routes:
Natsuhiko Azuma – voiced by

Daisuke Ono
Sakuya Nijō – voiced by

Mitsuki Saiga
Itsuki Kagami – voiced by

Kōji Yusa


Nanami Shiranui – voiced by Asami Seto

Nanami’s routes:
Akito Syukuri – voiced by

Noriaki Sugiyama

Ron Muroboshi – voiced by

Tomokazu Sugita

Heishi Otomaru – voiced by

Hiroyuki Yoshino

Norn9: Var Commons will be out for Playstation Vita in Fall 2015. You can preorder now!