Anime — I started Hunter x Hunter


Hunter x Hunter is one of those shows where all your friends are getting into it but when you go to start it up you become daunted by the high episode count. So for a long time it has been sitting in my Crunchyroll queue, 148 episodes waiting for a chance. I stood by as plenty of friends dove in and fell hard, witnessing them enjoy and suffer the emotional weight of later arcs. I wanted to catch up so I could feel feelings with them but never found the mood right.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was doing dishes and booted up episode 1 on my iPad. Later chores sessions had more episodes trickling in. Then I transferred to the TV and my boyfriend started getting into it. Now we consume episodes in multiples during dinner and beyond, finding it difficult to cut ourselves off. We’re up to a respectable episode 72, so halfway there!

At first glance Hunter x Hunter isn’t aesthetically my cup of tea, but Madhouse is the studio handling the animation for the more recent reboot and their use of weighted lines and perspective really make the show eye-catching when seen in motion. Every character has compelling motivations and I found myself falling in love with the entirety of the main crew (especially white-haired assassin boy Killua). And while it’s a Shounen Jump joint don’t expect the plot to move at a slow pace like Naruto or Dragonball Z. Hunter x Hunter bounces around all over the place on different adventures, never sticking to any theme or arc for what feels like overlong.

Hunter x Hunter was originally written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, who also did YuYu Hakusho. So if that was your jam when you were younger then you kind of know what to expect from this!

You can watch Hunter x Hunter on Crunchyroll. The manga is also published in English by Viz for print or digital (which I plan to start once I finish the anime).