Games — Starfighter: Eclipse released!

My friends over at Date Nighto have been working on their custom-built, browser-based Starfighter dating sim for a while now, and it’s just been officially released to the public!

I’ve been excited for their HTML5 visual novel engine for years and it’s amazing seeing the tech develop from its humble Namco High beginnings into what it’s capable of now. Lead developer Conrad first started the project because he wanted to work with his friend HamletMachine on making her popular 18+ comic Starfighter into an interactive visual novel and since platforms like Steam don’t allow explicit sexual content then they had to build their own.

I offered a bit of my QA testing services at the end of the project cycle but I have genuinely been excited for this title since the Kickstarter was announced. If you are a fan of sci-fi space operatics involving a cute guy with an undercut kissing fellow space marines then please consider this game!