Games — Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

As an old Monster Hunter player with few other friends who really got into the series I’ve been over the moon watching buddies of mine start the game and really get into it this time! Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has all the right pacing built into how it doles out game systems that the fun of it is starting to click with folks who had either tried it before and lost interest or weren’t impressed with the demo. And honestly the demos for Monster Hunter are fine for trade show floors but they don’t work well at conveying how the game is actually played (the Toukiden demo with its first chapter free does a better job).

For all you newbie hunters out there here are a couple of helpful resources! Don’t be afraid to look up anything and everything. Some of the game’s systems are unbearably obtuse, it’s best to watch some weapon guides on YouTube and research where to get particular items for your gear rather than flail about. I myself learned a lot from old forum threads back in the day. And don’t worry too much against using Monster Hunter Tri guides for weapons at least, most of those mechanics work about the same, you just don’t have to deal with being underwater.