Games — No, Thank You!!!

  • Note! It’s a safe bet to assume most of the links in this post are NSFW!

A couple of months ago MangaGamer, a site mostly known for translating dating sims aimed at men, announced two new titles they would be localizing in an attempt to reach audiences they haven’t tried before. One of those was a general-rated otome game that I wrote about before, Ozmafia!!, while the other was unique 18+ rated boy’s love game No, Thank You!!!

I was really excited about their choice of No, Thank You!!! since I had already heard of its unexpected body hair toggles and because it had a style not common to boy’s love games: with a range of older and sometimes burlier men designed to appeal to both a gay male audience along with women who usually consume BL media. No, Thank You!!! is currently up for pre-order and it’s being released this coming Friday, February 27th.

MangaGamer was nice enough to make an appealing stand-alone site for the game where you can read up on the different characters and features. They’ve also been doing a good job showcasing the characters on their staff blog and their Tumblr. There is a free demo available for download where you are introduced to the game’s story set-up and all the pursuable guys, along with examples of what kind of content to expect during sex scenes.

I really recommend first playing this demo if you’re curious, especially if you’ve never played either a BL game nor an 18+ rated game before. Visual novels like No, Thank You!!! are not to everyone’s taste but you could find yourself pleasantly surprised. Haru can be puppy-like and endearing but rather aggressive as a bed partner, and folks not familiar with BL tropes may find themselves uncomfortable. My friend Anne wrote some of her impressions of the demo and covers some of the concerns, but they do not dissuade her from purchasing the full game. Just something to keep in mind.

I myself find Haru’s perspective and almost professional knowledge concerning the manipulation of male anatomy to be quite fascinating, he’s quite unlike other BL game protagonists. His running mental commentary reminds me more of the kind of writing you’d find in geikomi, like those featured in the collection Massive published by Fantagraphics, instead of the usual BL game euphemisms.


It was also interesting to learn that all the art for No, Thank You!!! was drawn by a woman, Hamashima Shigeo, who usually draws for 18+ games aimed at men. MangaGamer was recently polling people on Twitter, asking if they had questions they wanted to ask her along with a couple of other women who work professionally within eroge, and it appears they plan to publish the answers in time for Women’s History Month.