Games — Dragon Age: Inquisition — Character Creation

My approach to PC RPG character generation is to go into the Custom mode, wiggle around the first two sliders of a category, realized there are ten more sliders and exclaim “Good enough!”, then move on to the next category. I’m pretty good at settling.

The Origin launch of Dragon Age: Inquisition went off surprisingly smooth for me last night. I launched my preloaded game at midnight and it appeared to import my Keep world settings without too much delay. One thing I did learn, by way of actions, is that there is no word filter on character names! So I’ll be partaking in the continued adventures of Aoba Fuckboy, female Elf dual-wielding Rogue. AFB originally made her appearance during my apartment’s group plays of Hatoful Boyfriend, at my partner’s insistence. I have attempted to name my character that in every game since. It is a tradition.

One weird thing I did notice in game was that all the characters’ hair looked like someone had dunked a Ken doll’s head in some vaseline. I tried lighting occlusion settings but that didn’t do the trick. After asking a QA friend of mine who worked on the game they told me to set my Mesh Detail settings from Medium to High and that would fix things up. Indeed it did, now everyone has less glaring hair and it’s way less distracting.

Tonight I’m going to be trying controller settings and seeing how those play out. I’ve already lowered the difficulty to Casual since I’m a baby and I only care about traipsing around a fantasy world and smooching its denizens. Speaking of, something to keep in mind for your own character creation! There are limitations on who you can date based on sex and race, since each of the game’s characters has been created with having their own orientation and proclivities:

  • Male-only: Cassandra, Dorian
  • Female-only: Blackwall, Sera
  • Female Human or Elf only: Cullen
  • Female Elf only: Solas

Everyone else is up for grabs! I’ve noticed a lot of female Elves being rolled, not sure if people are romantically min-maxing their options or if they’re going back to their Origin preferences like I have. It’ll be interesting to see who my Inquisitor actually ends up with! I was aiming for Cullen but I’m liking Solas more than I thought…

Kirk Hamilton at Kotaku wrote up a really good, spoiler-light guide on getting started in Dragon Age: Inquisition, from pre-character creation and beyond! It’s worth glancing through, especially for the unexpected char gen tip about lip shine. Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director of Dragon Age, has also been tweeting some good gameplay tips as well!