Games — Dragon Age Keep

The latest Dragon Age entry comes out tonight but it doesn’t import saves directly like Dragon Age 2 did. Instead BioWare created an interactive browser tool called the Dragon Age Keep which imports your DAO and DA2 characters and achievements from your BioWare social account and then gives you a default world state which you can go into and flick around narrative switches at will, recreating your Dragon Age world or creating a more ideal one which you can export to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The world state tapestry and defaults can be kind of intimidating at first but it’s easy enough to finagle a Thedas you want. While the tool itself gives some context to the choices it may be hard to jar your memory if you haven’t played the games since their releases years ago, so PC Gamer wrote up an excellent guide on all the choices the Keep offers and how they tie into Dragon Age as a whole.

The default world state starts with the Warden from the first game dying in the battle with the Archdemon, which is definitely something that didn’t happen in my game. To fix that you go into the Morrigan’s child node and set that to any variation of the loophole deal you made and then you can go back and save your Warden (whatever impact this has on Inquisition’s story I have no idea). You can also go through and massage out parts you weren’t quite satisfied with. In DA2 I let Anders go but then sided with the Templars, so I was forced to confront him in combat later. But in the Keep I set it so Anders was still alive (headcanon is that I just significantly wounded him when storming the Mage’s Tower instead of killing and looting him like I actually did), so maybe now I’ll see what that bratty scamp has been up to in Inquisition.

I’ve been hearing good buzz about DAI and I’m super excited to finally be able to play it! The Dragon Age Keep gives players a great opportunity to set up their ideal world for Dragon Age: Inquisition playthroughs and it also takes quite a load off of version testing the quantum amount of prior world states that QA would have had to do. It’s such a great idea from both perspectives, good job BioWare! Also the art assets in the Keep are all amazing looking, I found myself flicking through known choices just to see what the different states looked like in the cool cutout style.

Dragon Age Keep also gives access to The Last Court, a browser game made by Fallen London developer Failbetter Games in conjunction with BioWare to bridge some of the gap between Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition. I unfortunately didn’t find time to play it, though.

You can access the Dragon Age Keep from and logging in with your EA Origin account.