Games — PC otome game Ozmafia!! is coming out in English

Last week independent PC otome game developer Poni-Pachet SY announced on their website that they would be bringing their game Ozmafia!! to audiences in English. Not many more details were offered but last night at an Anime Expo 2014 panel publisher Manga Gamer announced that they would be teaming up with Poni-Pachet to bring the game over, aiming for a Steam release. This is great news for the visibility and availability of quality otome games in English!

After doing a bit of research on the game, but not too much as to spoil the impending first experience, I’ve become very excited for it. The game appears to have 10 routes total, which is quite a lot compared to dating sim average. It also has what appears to be a polyamorous route and a route with a woman (though not entirely sure if it’s considered romantic, from what bit I saw written up). I also read some mentions of something along the lines of a rebound system, like you can end up dumping one character and ending up with another. These systems all sound amazingly interesting and I’m eager to see how they actually play out when I can finally play it! And it’s promising that Otome Jikan and my friend Lijakaca both reviewed the game highly, as their opinions usually align with mine. In addition I am really liking Satoi’s art, who had also done work on Diabolik Lovers.

I took the simple relationship chart from the official website and did some translations and edits on it so new people can better get a feel for the characters and factions available in the game. As you can see it’s a mafia-themed world steeped in fairy tale and Western literature motifs. Most romanization of names were taking from the official site but Fuuka’s name was taken from the official Manga Gamer press release. I also added in Hameln to the chart since his full profile is available on the website anyways, so you can get a broad view of all the available routes.