So I wanted to start this blog as a place to put down more permanent thoughts about all the anime, manga, and game media I’ve been absorbing lately, especially since a lot of my friends ask me for recommendations and it’s useless to point them to my firehose of a Twitter feed.

Recently I’ve fallen back in hardcore with anime and manga, after about an 8 year lull. I think the last contemporary show I had watched was the original Fullmetal Alchemist while it was airing. The last anime convention I had gone to was Otakon 2003. But I lost interest in anime and manga mid-way through college and while I was working in the video game industry. Not sure exactly why but I was probably burnt out and wanted to focus on my then-new game developer career.

A bit over a year ago, after crunch on the big AAA game I was working on at the time had finished, I found myself with extra free time and a barren Netflix queue. For one reason or another Netflix kept dangling Ouran High School Host Club at me to watch. I brushed it off for months but one random housekeeping session I booted the show up. It was the dub but I was over the sub-only elitism of my younger days and just wanted some noise to work to. It grabbed me. It grabbed me surprisingly hard. The show was so charming and I really loved the main character, Haruhi. A couple of episodes in I told my boyfriend the premise and sat down with him to watch it. He mocked it at first but then it grabbed him, too (he was a former anime fan as well). Later on some friends of ours recommended Mushishi and we were pulled back in to seeking out more shows. At the same time I was also making regular trips to the comic book store next to work which stocked lots of new manga releases and carried a lot of stuff catered to women, so my shoujo revival began.

Now I keep up with the new anime seasons and have met a lot of new friends who do the same. With the popularity of legitimate streaming sources it’s a lot easier to get other people to try out a show you recommend. And it’s tempting to fill your Crunchyroll queue and chew through a series in a weekend. Tumblr has also been a big influence on what shows I try out. If I see fandoms flair up over certain series or gif sets that catch my eye, I’ll be more inclined to seek out a stream and see what the fuss is all about.

It’s been a lot of fun, actually! Once I got over my initial embarrassment and realized I was a grown-ass adult who can like what she wants to like I’ve just been indulging in it. And luckily I have a partner who doesn’t mind watching shows with me, even if they’re not up his alley.

I hope you find something here that may interest you as well!